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Trade Deadline 2013 ends at 4 PM today, Phils likely standing pat

The Phillies may have started too late in reference to retooling the Phillies by possibly moving a couple veterans or other players that just either have been on the Phillies too long now, or by bringing in some newer players in to help spur this team on better. The MLB non-waiver trade deadline ends at 4 PM today, and there […]

Changes from Top to Bottom: Is Papelbon right?

Jonathan Papelbon made some comments the other night that struck a bad chord with some people that are fans of the Phillies and probably ownership and management of the Phillies. Papelbon, who was signed to be the Phillies closer in November of 2011 has spoken, and people took note of what he said. Jonathan Papelbon was brought to Philadelphia to […]

Phillies face two toughest teams in baseball, and look horrible

Lee and Amaro in happier times It’s the double whammy. The Phillies road trip to St. Louis to visit the Cardinals and then onto Detroit to face the Tigers. We had hoped for them to play well during the remaining days of July, but the Phillies have come up empty. Some good news in the mix as the Phillies have […]

Phillies are Harvey Wallbanged – lose first series after AS Break. Sell or Buy?

The talk has been whether or not the Phillies should be buyers or sellers. We’ve already seen what all of the buying has produced for the Phillies, they really can’t go out there and keep buying, so if they do happen to want to buy, they most assuredly will be moving some big portion of salary to make that happen. […]

Phils thump Mets and Heffner in Game 1 13-8

The Phillies thumped one of the hottest pitchers in baseball since June 4th, Jeremy Heffner had been sailing along with baseball’s best ERA which was 1.76. The Phillies dismantled that ERA last night and Heffner didn’t get out of the second inning, cooling off the hot Mets that were winners of 5 of 8 games just before the All-Star Break. […]

MLB Productions and DVD giveaway contest

Win a free copy of  “Prime 9: Heroics” – will have 2 winners of this nice DVD! Details to win the DVD:  Follow @fightinphillies on Twitter and tweet out:               I want to win the MLB DVD on – from @fightinphillies It’s just that simply, just follow the twitter handle of @fightinphillies and […]

Revere is out at least 8 weeks; Phils split day and night with Sox

It was a long day for Phillies fans and stadium workers yesterday in a marathon, day/night doubleheader at CBP. The first game started at 4PM and with a brief rain delay included the game at night didn’t get over till well over midnight and then there was fireworks. The Phillies almost were able to win both games, but in the […]

Phillies to embark in rare series vs White Sox

The franchise for the Phillies has been around a long time. The team started of course in 1883 and since then, the Phillies have only played the Chicago White Sox a total of 9 times. So, the series that is starting this afternoon and then the night game of the day/night doubleheader will be less than a dozen times that […]