blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Brown late to bloom, can he continue this swoon?

A lot of people in the Phillies organization believe in Domonic Brown. Brown has been in the Phillies system for a long time now, and until the start of last month in May 2013, a lot of those believers and fans alike were probably wondering the fate of Dom Brown as far as him playing on the Phillies.

When he was first brought up to the Phillies from the minors, Brown clearly wasn’t ready to play in the Major Leagues, but he had a lot of untapped talent and the Phillies believed in Brown despite him being called up a few times and then sent down to the minors a few times.

This past Spring Training, the question was asked to Brown in the clubhouse in Florida, about him playing for the Phillies or maybe somewhere else. Brown, who was having a great Spring Training, said in the interview, they (meaning the Phillies management) can either play me or trade me, it didn’t make much difference to him. Not exactly words of confidence in his organization that kept him playing baseball despite a lot of the times that he wasn’t doing too well.

Brown’s career numbers so far:

2010 22 PHI 35 62 8 13 3 0 2 13 2 24 .210 .257
2011 23 PHI 56 184 28 45 10 1 5 19 3 35 .245 .333
2012 24 PHI 56 187 21 44 11 2 5 26 0 34 .235 .316
2013 25 PHI 58 211 29 60 7 2 17 42 4 42 .284 .321
4 Yrs 205 644 86 162 31 5 29 100 9 135 .252 .317
162 Game Avg. 162 509 68 128 24 4 23 79 7 107 .252 .317
Generated 6/5/2013.

What we’ve seen so far this season is a lot more potential from Brown, is he the next Babe Ruth? Probably not, but this is a nice change from what we’ve seen from him in previous appearances in 56 games last year, he only hit 5 HR with 26 RBI with around the same amount of AB as he has now on the season in  2013.

Brown was named the Player of the Month for the MLB in May 2013 and the player of the week in the month of May for two weeks, that in itself is a great accomplishment, Brown’s turnaround and exciting hits have turned the Phillies around and started to ignite the rest of the team. We’ve been expecting some greatness to start happening with Ryan Howard but that hasn’t happened yet, if the two can somehow get hot in tandem, this team could erase all of it’s sins of the early part of the year, and let’s remember that the Phillies are still an under .500 baseball team as we are into the first week of June and haven’t even been above .500 all year long so far.

Mayberry has career night

Another Phillies player that has had a long tenure with the Phillies but really hasn’t shown his full potential is John Mayberry Jr. and some of those perceptions about Mayberry may have changed with his career night last night when his walkoff Grand Slam put the Phillies into the win column for the Phils.

It was Mayberry’s first grand slam of his career and the first grand slam this season for the Phillies.

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