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Phils just can’t break the .500 barrier

Maybe Cole should grow his mustache back? He could do no wrong in Spring Training The Phillies (26-28) have come really close to getting the team to .500 but it just isn’t something they can accomplish it seems. The Boston Red Sox home and home series was looking good for the team, but winning last night would have put the […]

Home and home shifts to Philly

Your browser does not support iframes. Cliff Lee shares his thoughts on last night’s win courtesy of CSNPhilly The neat home and home series with the Boston Red Sox now shifts to Philadelphia tonight as the Phillies look to build on last night’s victory in Boston. It’s kind of a playoff feel to this series even though the Phillies are […]

Phils to wear special Memorial Day Caps and Jerseys

The Phillies trip to Boston on Memorial Day 2013 will be a memorable one, not only will they wear the Phillies special designed holiday cap as pictured above. You can buy one from the link at the bottom of the story.  According to Michael Stutes on his twitter feed, he tells of the Phillies even wearing a special jersey for […]

Washington Nationals know a thing or two about low run support

The Phils take on Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals this weekend The Phillies haven’t been the only team bitten by extremely low run support this season. The Nats just returned to Washington from a 4-6 West Coast road trip to play the Phillies this weekend. We’ve all known about the Phillies inability to score well with Cole Hamels on […]

Howard starts to ignite that ‘old Ryan’ last night

Ryan has slipped from his pedestal in Philly sports Ryan Howard hasn’t set the world on fire this season, yet. He started to make some noise last night though as the Phillies thumped the Miami Marlins behind Howards 3 H and 3 RBI last night. declared Ryan Howard’s contract to be one of the worst mistakes in baseball today, […]

Lee explains getting picked off, but why was he there in the first place

Your browser does not support iframes. The Phillies won on Sunday afternoon in dramatic style, when Eric Kratz and Freddie Galvis went back-to-back but what happened in the middle of all of this is that the Phillies had a runner at first base. It was supposed to be Delmon Young, but for some odd reason, Charlie Manuel chose to put […]

Phils win Sunday but lose two players to MRI

Your browser does not support iframes. The great news is that the Phillies came back in dramatic style on Sunday to beat the Reds and take the 3 game series with them behind back-to-back home runs. It’s always better when you win, and the Phillies celebrated like there was no tomorrow at home plate with the victory. Now Carlos Ruiz, […]

Phillies pitching: What is going wrong?

The Phillies haven’t been exactly setting the world on fire with the starting pitching this year, and let’s look at some of the reasons why. First we’ll check out a list of the best pitcher’s in the MLB, and the numbers that they have put up.  It’s Clayton Kershaw leading the way so far with a 1.40 ERA in 64.1 […]

Pettibone gets win 3 on season, Phils near .500

Jonathan Pettibone has been a diamond in the rough for the Phillies so far this year, Pettibone was called up for John Lannan when he suffered an injury. Jonathan is now 3-0 in his first 5 starts to his Major League career. The Phillies have ended up winning 4 out of the 5 starts that Pettibone has started in as […]

Monday Bookshelf: The Philly Fan’s Code by Mike Tanier

It’s the story you’ve been wanting to read. The Philly Fan’s Code by Mike Tanier, is a book that I really liked reading. The book came out in the Fall of 2011, but if you haven’t checked this book out yet, it’s getting to be the season when you may be down at the shore, and need a good book […]

Phils depart Arizona with Mom’s Day Win

The Phillies Phestival is on Thursday – a really fun time for charity! It looked as if the Phillies road trip wouldn’t be all that successful as the Phillies were down by two runs late in the game in Arizona on Sunday afternoon. All of that changed though as Chase Utley electrified the Phillies offense in the ninth inning and sparked a […]