blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Baseball Writers block Hall for anyone in 2013

The Baseball Hall of Fame is a place where you can find some great players of the game of baseball. After a stellar career in the game that America loves, a player can find himself enshrined in a place that seems like it’s the next best thing to the pearly gates.

The Baseball Writers Association of America does the voting for the Hall of Fame nominees and yesterday, the votes were tallied for this year, and the writers failed at nominating anyone to the Hall of Fame. All eyes were on them to see what was going to happen this year, as it was the first year that many players implicated in the steroids scandal were eligible to be elevated into the Hall of Fame.

Major League Baseball has sidestepped the issue of steroids quite well, they put in place a testing system to try to prevent what happened in the late 1980’s and 1990’s from happening again. What they failed to address was the players that happened to take part in all of this.

Steroids weren’t just big in the MLB during this time, the ‘juice’ was flowing in gyms everywhere. There wasn’t much known about how bad the side effects were, but people who were athletic and wanted to bulk up like some of the people you see in those weightlifting magazines, did just about anything to do so.

Barry Bonds holds the record for the most home runs in baseball, there is no asterisk next to the record. Roger Clemens had a stellar pitching career in baseball, he’s got well more wins and accolades that he should have easily made it into the Hall on the first ballot, which was this year for him. Mike Piazza spent 16 seasons in baseball and is compared to other Hall of Famers in his stats, like Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra, yet he didn’t get into the Hall on his first year of eligibility.

No one on the list is suitable to go into the Hall? That is more than a little bizarre and will cancel a lot of activities that Cooperstown, NY depends on in the summer season. There will be no big in flux of fans on Hall of Fame day this year, no speeches that usually get covered from coast to coast and around the world.

No, on this day, the Hall of Fame and Baseball was the ones who lost out. There were players on that ballot that could have been elected, but the writers just didn’t have a common vote to put them there, where ever you side on the steroids scandal, it was the game that suffered with this vote and not just the individual players that were caught up in something that now is very much history, and history has no asterisks.

Here’s how the ballot ended up, note you have to have a 75 percent margin to get into the Hall:
(thanks to Baseball-Reference for the list)

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